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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Heightened Health does not accept or attempt to get reimbursed by any private insurance or third-party payors.  We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.  By working under a direct primary care (direct-to-consumer) business model, we contract directly with you, the patient.  In doing so, we have enhanced the office visit experience and eliminated the restrictions and administrative costs of third-party payers and traditional insurance.


Heightened Health believes in patient choice and flexibility.  With your doctor’s guidance, you can choose the wellness program that best suits your needs now and even change to another program in the future.  By limiting the number of patient members, your Heightened Health physician can be more fully invested in your therapeutic medical relationship.


We offer two programs, Wellness Promotion and Wellness Transformation, into which patients can enroll.   

After enrollment is confirmed, a patient's membership with Heightened Health begins at the first visit

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