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Is the Practice a participating Medicare Provider or In-Network Provider for any health insurance? 

No. Practice is not a participating Medicare or in-network healthcare provider. Patient claims will not be submitted to Medicare or 3rd-party payers for any services, including Medicare-covered services provided to Patient by Practice.  Patients will receive an electronic invoice reflecting monthly subscription costs and any fee-for-service visits, if incurred. Patients may choose to submit these invoices to their insurance on their own. 


Do Wellness Exam Services qualify as eligible medical expenses?

Wellness Exam Services costs are designed to qualify as eligible medical expenses such that Patient may pay Services Fees with health saving account (“HSA”) funds or with flexible spending account (“FSA”) fund or health reimbursement account (“HRA”) funds, but this is not assured or promised.  Additionally, supplements and cash-pay labs may also qualify. PLEASE CONFIRM WITH YOUR TAX PROFESSIONAL ON HSA FUNDS ELIGIBILITY, AND WITH YOUR PLAN ADMINISTRATOR FOR FSA/HRA ELIGIBILITY.


Does my Practice Subscription serve as insurance?

No.  Your voluntary practice participation in the Heightened Health Subscription Services does not function as health insurance, and you need your own separate healthcare insurance to fund services outside wellness exam services. 


Can Patient use Medicare/Insurance benefits, if ER visit, hospitalization, imaging study, or specialist consultation is necessary?

Subscription to Heightened Health Wellness Exam Services does not alter Patient’s health insurance and/or Medicare coverage as defined by their plan benefits. Patient must confirm eligibility if such services are needed.


Can Patient use Insurance/Medicare benefits for conventional lab work?

While Heightened Health has negotiated significant cash-pay discounts for the most common conventional labs, Patient may choose to have the lab facility submit claims to Patient insurance on their behalf. Whenever possible, estimated cost of conventional labs for Patient cash-pay will be available. 


Can I use my insurance for expensive labs, non-negotiated labs, or Advanced Functional Labs?

For expensive labs, those without a negotiated price, or Advanced Functional Labs, Heightened Health will draw and submit the specimen on your behalf.  The lab will then bill Patient insurance directly.  Advanced Functional Lab companies have their own fee schedules and may require further out-of-pocket costs.  Whenever possible, we will provide their fee schedule for the recommended test. 


What if I want to cancel my Subscription?

You may cancel your Heightened Health Wellness Exam Services Subscription at any time with written notice to the Practice (portal communication is preferred for documentation purposes). Please note that your initial enrollment fee and final month fees are neither prorated nor refundable.


Can I re-enroll after A previous cancellation?

Dr. Caccopola will consider your re-enrollment request on a case-by-case basis.  If more than 12 months has lapsed from prior cancellation, then a re-enrollment fee will be applied.

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