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I have been seeing Dr. Caccopola for over a year now, and I can say she is the best physician I have ever had. She helped me get through some tough emotional health issues by mapping a thorough health history, ordering a comprehensive hormone check blood panel, and prescribing vitamins, supplements and some lifestyle changes. It was truly the help I needed.  She's also been very accommodating on a few family health issue occasions. She has gained my trust completely and I highly recommend her to everyone that is no longer satisfied with the health care they are provided. Dr. Caccopola is there to listen, take the time to get to the bottom of your problems, and she actively searches for the best solution. Dr. C., thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. Because you truly care! — C.T.

Dr. Caccopola is the BEST!!!  I have been her patient prior to, and from the beginning, of her Heightened Health practice. She is caring, thoughtful, engaging, knowledgeable, punctual, and is an excellent communicator. Her private practice allows a truly one on one relationship with my doctor.   There are no receptionists or nurses. From the moment I walk in to her modern and aesthetically pleasing office and exam room she is with me and completely devoted to my care.  I could not ask for a better person to be my personal physician.  —C.G.


Absolutely pleased! Caring, concerned, thorough. She takes nothing for granted and is always looking beyond the obvious.  A good person to know and trust with health issues. —C.F.


We’re so fortunate to have found Dr. Caccopola. She’s helped our entire family get our health back on track. She’s kind, thorough, professional, and she never makes you feel like just another patient. She has a personalized approach that I’ve never found anywhere else. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to care for my family. I trust her professional judgment and clinical expertise completely. To say that I recommend her practice is an understatement. If you’d like to have a doctor who is knowledgeable in both traditional medicine and holistic approaches to treatment, look no further than Dr. Caccopola at Heightened Health. — J.Z.


Dr. C is wonderful!!!!  Not only did she help solve some health issues that 4 previous doctors had never discovered or been able to help with, but she is also kind, caring, compassionate and loving!!!  I HIGHLY recommend her! —K.E.


Having read about the successes of functional doctors which use more natural methods of correcting the cause of the problem, I tried functional medicine.Two gastroenterologists had worked on a bowel problem I had been having for about 4 years with no results. Hoping for better results I made an appointment with Dr. Caccopola a functional Dr. After being on her prescribed regimen for about one month the problems seem to be clearing up. For about the last several months my system has been functioning very close to normal. Using a functional doctors methods of healing your system is a slow process taking up to 6 months to get your organs and body parts back to functioning normally.  Needless to say, I am very happy that Dr. Caccopola found a remedy for my problem which to previous doctors had given up on. —M.F.

Dr. Caccopola, is truly one of the most caring doctors I've ever meant in my life. If you need someone to make you feel cared for, and someone that is truly looking to make a difference in people's lives by focusing on the whole person, rather than a symptom, then she is the person you want to see.  I can't say enough good stuff about this wonderful lady. — P.S.

She likes to go by Dr. C.  You can reach her anytime.  In one year she literally changed my life.  I could not ask for a better physician. —S.W.

Dr. Caccopola is a kind, caring, and compassionate doctor.  She looks out for my best interest and is very thorough in her care.  My search for a doctor that practices Functional Medicine ended when I found her!  I appreciate the fact that she talks to me and not at me and I believe that what I think truly matters to her.  I have had a medical issue for many years and had been told repeatedly that everything was "normal".  Dr. Caccopola took care of the issue and I feel better than ever!  I highly recommend her as a doctor and enjoy my trips from Michigan to see her!  - J.B.


Dr. C is a Kind, Compassionate and Professional Doctor.  She has solved many of my health problems. She is the BEST ! —M.T.


I can't say enough good things about Dr. Caccopola. I've been a patient with Dr. C for over two years and I can honestly say that she has helped me take my health to a new level. She was able to diagnose and treat lingering gastrointestinal issues that multiple other doctors were unable to help me with. I’m extremely grateful that I found her practice because she is knowledgeable on both traditional and holistic approaches, very caring and a great listener. I’m blown away with the amount of time and attention that I’ve received on an individual level. I would (and often do) recommend Dr. C to anyone looking for great health care practitioner! —G.U.

Dr. Caccopola and her Heightened Health practice is outstanding. I have always hated going to the doctor and have never listened to their advice, because they didn't listen to the patient and rushed out to the next person. Dr. C. changes the game. She listens, attempts to treat the patient where they are, and doesn't just chuck drugs at illness and health issues. She guides the patient to use lifestyle, sleep, exercise, diet, supplements, and medications to drive to a more healthy state of existence. I have now moved my entire family to Dr. C's care. You should do the same. —M.Z.



Dr Caccopola listens to her patients and works with you as you work toward improving your health.  She's the BEST cheerleader when you need a little encouragement to just keep going. —K.D.

Dr. C is a gem!   She is a knowledgeable physician with a caring, integrated, holistic, whole person focus to health.  I can recommend her  highly.— L.C

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