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We strive to make our guidelines and pricing as transparent as possible. 

Please call us directly if you have further questions. 

When will my initial enrollment and first month subscription fees be charged?

New patient enrollment and first month subscription fees will be charged at the time of your first visit. 


What happens after I enroll into a Wellness Program?

Shortly thereafter, New Patients will receive three separate onboarding emails, containing: 

1) Instructions and links to completing their online medical history. This must be done before scheduling your first visit.

2) Invitation to connect with our patient portal, Elation Passport, for easy communication with our healthcare professional.

3) First appointment confirmation and important information to prepare for your first visit.


Why is there an initial enrollment fee?

The non-refundable enrollment fee serves to cover our healthcare professional time in reviewing Patient's comprehensive health questionnaire and previous medical records (if available), input your medical history into the EMR, and create your Functional Medicine Assessment.  Such pre-visit preparation generally takes 45 min and allows your initial 90-min comprehensive Wellness-Based exam to focus on your health concerns and wellness goals, rather than data input.


When will I be billed for subsequent monthly subscription fees?

Your ACH account or credit card will be automatically charged through our secure billing software on a monthly basis, starting from the date of your first visit (called your enrollment date).


How long do I have to use the Wellness-Based Exams included in my Wellness Promotion Program?

If you are enrolled in the Wellness Promotion Program, Patients will have 12-months from the anniversary of their enrollment date in which to use up to one (1) annual exam and five (5) additional Wellness-Based exams available with this program.  After which time, Wellness-Based exam allotment will “reset”.  If available Wellness-Based exams are not used within those 12-months, they will not roll over to the next enrollment year.


If enrolled in the Wellness Transformation Program, Patient can use your monthly visits anytime during the months in which are enrolled in this program.


If Patient switches between programs within the course of the 12-months from initial enrollment, the anniversary of your enrollment date will be used to track your allotted Wellness-Based Exams..


What if I use up all of the Wellness Based Exams in the Wellness Promotion Program and need additional visits?

If patient develops complex medical conditions that would require multiple follow-ups exams, ongoing communication support, and/or Advanced Functional Lab tests, then upgrading to the Wellness Transformation program would be logical.  This can be done at any time.  


Is there a charge for phone/telehealth consultations in lieu of face-to-face visit?

If clinically appropriate, some Wellness-Based evaluations can be conducted via phone or video communication.  These must be coordinated with our physician and scheduled during regular office hours.  If you are on the Wellness Promotion Program, then phone/telehealth consultations, in lieu of a face-to-face diagnostic exams, are either deducted from your Wellness-Based exam allotment.

Is there a charge for portal correspondence?
Your private subscription fees cover our electronic communications in support of our routine wellness exam services. We reserve the right to add additional charges should electronic communication services become more substantial.

Electronic communication is intended for brief, non-urgent updates, questions, medication refill or appointment requests. 

It is not intended to be a replacement for routine wellness exam.  

When will I be charged for other visits, labs, supplies or supplements outside of the monthly membership fee?

Payment for cash-based labs, supplies, or supplements is due at the time of service and will be charged to account on file.

What if I need an Advanced Functional Lab Consultation while on the Wellness Promotion Program?

Most patients on the Wellness Promotion Program do not require such tests.  However, there may be occasion when such advanced functional lab is desired or recommended.  If needed, such consultations are deducted from Wellness-Based Exam visit allotment.


If you are in the Wellness Transformation Program, consultation for any Advanced Functional Lab testing is included. 


Note: Cost of Advanced Functional Labs, comprising of blood, urine, saliva or stool testing, are not included in any program.

How do you track visits when in the Wellness Promotion Programs?

We track your visits through our EMR and practice management systems.  We will do our best to alert you when you have used up your allotment of included Wellness-Based Exams in the Wellness Promotion Program

**Note: exams specifically for follow-up to procedures, wound care, or lab draws are not deducted from exam allotment.


How do I change between programs?

Please alert our Provider if you wish to change your current membership program. 


If I am enrolled in the Wellness Transformation Program, how long must I remain on it?

Due to the complexity of treating chronic diseases, Wellness Transformation Program requires a six (6) month minimum non-refundable commitment to join.  After six (6) months, a patient may choose to remain in the Transformation Program or downgrade to the Wellness Promotion Program. 

**Note that the benefits of the Transformation programs are only active during the months in which you are enrolled.


Can I return to a Wellness Program if I have been in it previously?

Absolutely.  Our Wellness Programs are meant to be flexible to meet your healthcare needs throughout your relationship with Heightened Health.

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