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Our most popular program for New Patients who are ready to transform their health

and wellbeing.


Addresses root causes of

chronic medical conditions

using personalized, evidence-based Functional Medicine.

Adult (26+ yrs): $290/mo

Child: $240/mo

One-Time Enrollment Fee: $240

**Family Discounts Available**


  • Unlimited Office and/or Telehealth Visits 

    • Includes:

      • Initial H & P (90 min)

      • Annual Exam (60 min)

      • Follow-up Visits (45 min)

      • Telehealth Visits: (30 min)

      • Acute Visits

      • Consultation for Advanced Functional (Fx) Lab Tests

        • 2-4 Fx Labs often needed

        • Each consultation includes:

        • In-depth results review​ 

        • Face-to-Face Visit (45 min) 

        • Personalized Treatment Protocol Creation (30 min)


  • 6-month commitment before downgrading to Promotion Program​ 

  • Does not include cost for conventional or functional labs

  • Cancel anytime

Also includes:

  • Direct Access to Dr. Caccopola

  • Longer, unrushed appointments

  • 24/7 On-Call**

  • Patient Portal Communication

  • Primary Care Services

  • Functional Medicine Expertise

  • Personalized Health Protocols

  • Minor Office Procedures 

  • Review of Conventional Labs/Tests

  • Point-of-Care Testing

    • e.g. EKG, Spirometry, Rapid Strep testing, Urine dip

  • Routine lab tests at...

    • Cash-Pay Discount (Cost + 10%) OR​

    • Lab bills Insurance directly

  • Prior Authorizations for Rx or Tests

  • Medication Refills

  • Coordination of Care w/ outside Healthcare Providers  

  • 10% off MRSP on Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements



For the patient, who is

generally healthy, but  desires proactive, integrative primary care. 

Patients often downgrade to

this program after achieving

their wellness goals under the Transformation Program.

Adult (26+ yrs): $90/mo

Child: $40/mo

One-Time Enrollment Fee: $240

**Family Discounts Available**


  • 4 Office/Telehealth Visits
    per Enrollment Year 

    • These may used for:

      • Initial H & P (90 min)

      • Annual Exam (60 min)

      • Office Visits (45 min)

      • Telehealth Visits: (30 min)

      • Acute Visits

  • Additional Visits                        (billed as fee-for-service)

    • $320/hr charged in 15-min increments

    • Consultation for Advanced Functional (Fx) Lab Test

      • Includes: 

        • In-depth result review   

        • Face-to-Face Visit (45 min)

        • Personalized treatment protocol creation  ​​

        • 1 Test reviewed:   $360

        • 2 Tests : $540

        • 3 Tests: $630

                  (if reviewed in single visit)



Also includes:

  • Refer to list under Transformation Program

  • Does not include cost for conventional or functional labs

  • Cancel anytime



For prospective patients who desire in-depth, face-to-face consultation with Dr. Caccopola before enrolling. 

Allowed one-time, pre-enrollment.

Adult or Child: $480

per individual


Includes: ​

  • 45 min face-to-face visit plus            45 min pre-visit preparation​

  • Comprehensive Medical History Forms must be completed before scheduling this appointment.

  • Forms will be reviewed prior to your evaluation. 

  • Dr. Caccopola will answer any questions and provide specific feedback to your individual health inquiries and lab results.

  • Does not include physical exam or lab draw.

  • Any review of medical records will be done before consultation; such review will be charged at $80 per 15 min and added to the fee.


  • If patient subsequently enrolls into a Wellness program, then $240 credit will be applied to offset initial enrollment fee.

  • This time is reserved specifically for you. Please provide 48 hrs notice to avoid $240 cancellation fee.

  • Missed appointments or late arrivals will still be charged full amount.

**Dr. Caccopola is on-call after-hours and on weekends for Heightened Health patients for acute medical issues.

   If true medical emergency exists, call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

   For urgent medical issues outside of office hours, you may be referred to ER/Urgent Care.**

  • Hospital Rounds

  • Major Surgical Procedures

  • Urgent/Emergent Medical Care

  • Splinting/Casting Orthopaedic Injuries

  • Routine Childhood Immunizations

    • due to low patient volume

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