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Oreo, Certified Canine Good Citizen


"Hi, my name is Oreo. I will come up and greet people at the door. If you would like to pet me, ask me to sit first. Please do not pick me up or feed me without asking. If you do not wish to interact with me, just ignore me or ask for me to be put in my crate.  Thank you!"


Oreo is very excited to be part of the Heightened Health team. Through canine obedience classes, he is certified as a Canine Good Citizen.


Oreo is a West Highland Terrier, which means he is “a small dog with a big personality.” Never intimidated and always up for a new adventure, Westies are highly intelligent, loyal, and very friendly. Though Oreo loves to go to “work” and meet new people, he is happiest in his role as the beloved pet of Dr. Caccopola and her family. When not providing comfort to others, he enjoys chasing after small critters, napping by the fireplace, and getting scratched behind his ears.

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