What is the cost of becoming a member?  What is included in each of the Wellness Programs?

Please refer to the Wellness Program page under the Programs & Enrollment heading to find an easy-to-read chart summary, outlining the each program's offerings and cost.


How do I become a member of Heightened Health?

Enroll online by going to the "ENROLL NOW" page under the Programs & Enrollment heading and click on the desired Wellness Program. A valid bank account for ACH withdrawal is required (credit cards are also accepted, but not preferred) . Multiple family members can be enrolled into the same Wellness Program.  Please call us directly to enroll family members into two different programs.


I’m not sure yet. Do you allow for a “Doctor Meet-and-Greet” before enrolling?

Yes.  Dr. Caccopola offers all prospective patients a courtesy, 15-minute informational session by phone or in-person to answer general questions related to the Functional Medicine approach, DPC model, and Wellness Programs.  Please note that Dr. Caccopola will not be able to provide specific medical advice on your health conditions until you are an active member of Heightened Health.


I’m ready to enroll. Which Wellness Program should I choose?

We recommend all patients complete the FREE online health assessment first and, if desired, Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Functional Medicine Questionnaire.  This will allow Dr. Caccopola to provide a brief recommendation via email at to which Wellness Program would serve your health needs best.


Do you offer membership discounts to families?

Yes. Families are defined as 2 or more relatives living within the same household, who are registered under a single payer account. Enrollment fees for families are capped at $375.00.  In addition, each family member's monthly fee is given a $5 discount if enrolled in the Wellness Promotion Program and a $15 discount if enrolled the Wellness Restoration Program.


Do you work with small businesses that want to provide health care to their employees?

Yes. Please call to discuss with Dr. Caccopola directly.


How long are appointments?

Initial and annual comprehensive history and physicals are up to 75 minutes for adults and up to 60 minutes for children, depending on number and severity of medical conditions. The last 15 minutes of each appointment are reserved for visit summary, treatment recommendations, supplement/medication fulfillment, lab draw, and check out. Routine gynecological or prostate exam can also performed during these visits, if indicated and if time allows.


The Follow-up Visit to the Annual Exam (not included in Child Promotion Program), which includes the review of labs and your health action plan, is typically 45 minutes.


Other visits can range from 15-75 minutes, depending on acuity and complexity. Again, the last 5 -10 minutes of each appointment are reserved for visit summary, treatment recommendations, supplement/medication fulfillment, lab draw, and check out.


Can my visits be done over the phone or through portal correspondence?

If clinically appropriate, some visits can be done over the phone.  Such visits must be coordinated with Dr. Caccopola and scheduled during regular office hours.  If on the Wellness Promotion Program, such consultations/correspondences will be deducted from your office visit allotment (if any remain) or charged as an office visit in 15-min increment at a rate of $300/hour.


Is my doctor really on-call 24/7?

Dr. Caccopola is on-call after-hours for Heightened Health members daily for urgent/emergent issues. If Dr. Caccopola is unavailable due to a holiday, vacation, or other situation, she will make appropriate arrangements to have another reliable healthcare provider cover for her or she will refer you to the ER/Urgent Care.


How can I contact my doctor for non-urgent issues?

Once you are a Heightened Health member, you will be invited to create an account through our secure, HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly, patient portal, ElationPassport.  You can then communicate with Dr. Caccopola for non-urgent issues via ElationPassport.   These may include brief questions about your health, medication refills, and non-urgent appointment requests. 


Dr. Caccopola makes every effort to respond within the same or next business day unless a weekend, vacation, holiday, or other situation prevents a more timely reply.  If you have an urgent need, please call the office directly at (847) 868-0484.


How can I get my medications refilled?

Once you are an active member, medication refill requests can be submitted via our HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly, patient portal called Elation Passport. Dr. Caccopola makes every effort to complete your request within the same or next business day unless a weekend, vacation, holiday, or other situation prevents a timely reply.  After-hours telephone requests for routine medication refills will not be granted.


Do you treat chronic pain?

Dr. Caccopola does not manage chronic pain medications.  She treats chronic pain with the aforementioned non-pharmacological approaches.  If you are in need of chronic pain management through the use of controlled substances, like narcotics, she will refer you to the appropriate pain specialist.


Do you treat mental health conditions?

Dr. Caccopola does not manage controlled substances related to mental health conditions, such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Major Depression, or Substance Abuse. She will maximize non-pharmacological strategies and work with your psychiatrist so that he/she could potentially minimize your medications.


Do you provide routine childhood vaccinations?

Due to our low patient volume, we do not carry routine childhood immunizations. Please call to discuss.


Do you provide emergency medical care and treatment?

No. Dr. Caccopola does not provide diagnosis or treatment of emergent or life-threatening conditions; she recommends calling 911 or going directly to the nearest emergency room.


Do you perform surgery?

No. If you are in need a surgical procedure, you will be referred to the appropriate surgical specialist for evaluation.


Do you round on patients in the hospital, assisted living, rehabilitation, or nursing home facilities?

Dr. Caccopola is committed to an office-based practice only. However, she does partner with excellent hospitalists, specialty groups, and staff physicians, with whom she can coordinate your care.


When will my initial enrollment and first month membership fees be charged?

New patient enrollment and first month membership fees will be charged at the time of enrollment. Each new member will receive an on-boarding email with instructions on: 1) Completing their online health history. This must be done before we can schedule your first appointment. 2) Enrolling in our patient portal, Elation Passport, for easy communication with your doctor. 3) Useful information to prepare for your first appointment.


Why must I pay an initial enrollment fee?

The non-refundable enrollment fee serves to cover Dr. Caccopola’s time to review your comprehensive health questionnaire, previous medical records, if available, and create your Functional Medicine Timeline/Matrix/Assessment.


When will I be billed for subsequent monthly membership fees?

Your bank account (or credit card) will be automatically charged through our secure billing software on a monthly basis, starting from the date of your enrollment.


When will I be charged for other visits, labs, or supplies outside of the monthly membership fee?

Payment for additional fee-for-service visits, labs, supplies, or supplements is due at the time of service and will be charged to the account on file.


How long do I have to use the office visits included in my Wellness Program?

If you are enrolled in the Wellness Promotion Program, you have 12-months from the anniversary of your enrollment date in which to use your visits.  After which time, your benefits would “reset”.  If you do not use the office visits within those 12-months, they will not roll over to the next year.


If you are enrolled in the Wellness Restoration Program, you can use your unlimited visits anytime during the months in which are enrolled in it.


If you switch between programs within the course of the 12-months from your initial enrollment, we still use the anniversary of your enrollment date to track your benefits.


What if I use up all of the office visits included in the Wellness Promotion Program?

There are two options: 1) A patient may upgrade to the Wellness Restoration program. This can be done at any time.  2) A patient may elect to remain in the Wellness Promotion Program but pay for additional office visits as fee-for-service.  These visits are charged in 15-min increments at a rate of $300/hr; therefore, the cost ranges from $75-$375, depending on time and complexity.


Is there a charge for phone consultations ?

If you are on the Wellness Promotion Program,  then phone consultations, in lieu of a face-to-face, visit are either deducted from your office visit allotment (if any remain) or charged in 15-min increments at a rate of $300/hr.


Is there a charge for portal correspondence ?

The Patient Portal is tended for brief, non-urgent updates, questions, medication refill or appointment requests.  It is not intended to be a replacement for an office visit or phone consultation.  Generally, there is no additional charge for this benefit.  However, should a given portal exchange become extensive, requiring more than 10 - 15 min of the doctor's time in research, assessment, and/or response(s), then Dr. Caccopola reserves the right to apply a charge to your account at rate of $300/hr at 15-min increments.


How do you track visits when in the Wellness Promotion Programs?

We track your visits through our EMR and practice management systems.  You will be alerted to the number of office visits remaining on your account after each visit.  Please note that follow-up visits for wound care or procedures are not deducted from your allotment.


How do I change between programs?

Please alert Dr. Caccopola if you wish to change your current membership program, ideally through the pateint portal, ElationPassport.  Monthly membership fees will be prorated per diem if the change is desired mid-billing cycle.


If I am enrolled in the Wellness Restoration Program, how long must I remain on it?

Due to the complexity of treating chronic diseases and tracking membership benefits, we require that patients make a minimum 6-month commitment once enrolled in the Restoration Program.  After 6-months, a patient may choose to remain in the Restoration program or downgrade to the Wellness Promotion program.  Please note that the benefits of the Restoration programs are only active during the months in which you are enrolled.


Can I return to a Wellness Program if I have been in it previously?

Absolutely.  Our Wellness Programs are meant to be flexible to meet your healthcare needs throughout your relationship with Heightened Health.



Do you accept or bill private or government-based insurance?

No. We do not accept or bill to any insurance, third-party payers, or Medicare/Medicaid for any reason.  In addition, we are not a participating provider for Medicare/Medicaid and such patients will need to sign a waiver of acknowledgment.


Does my membership serve as insurance?

No.  Your Heightened Health membership does not serve as health insurance.


Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Having health insurance is important to help cover unforeseen, catastrophic medical events and complicated/costly medical procedures and tests. We recommend that you talk to your insurance advisor to determine the best plan for you and your family.


Will you bill my insurance for any out-of-pocket costs?

Again, we do not bill a patient’s insurance for any reason. You will receive an electronic invoice for all monthly membership fees, fee-for-service visits, labs, supplements, and supplies.  You may choose to submit these invoices to your insurance on your own.


Do my enrollment or monthly membership fees count towards my deductible and/or are they covered by my insurance/FSA?

Please check with your insurance carrier, regarding your specific plan's coverage details.


Can I use my HSA account to pay for my enrollment or monthly membership fees?

Please check with your tax consultant or accountant.  Currently, the IRS does not allow HSA dollars to be used for charges not associated with a face-to-face medical visit.


Can I still use my insurance if I require an ER visit, hospitalization, imaging study, or specialist?

Your individual health insurance coverage remains unchanged as a Heightened Health member. You will need to contact your insurance company to determine your in-network, out-of network, and out-of-pocket benefits if hospitalization, ER visitation, imaging study, or specialist evaluation is needed.


Can I use my insurance for conventional lab tests?

While Heightened Health has negotiated significant cash-pay discounts for the most common conventional labs, you may choose to have the lab bill your insurance directly at the retail price.  Whenever possible, lab pricing will be transparent.


Can I use my insurance for expensive labs, non-negotiated labs, or Advanced Specialty Labs?

For expensive labs, those without a negotiated price, or Advanced Specialty Labs, Heightened Health will draw and submit the specimen on your behalf.  The lab will then bill your insurance directly.  Advanced Specialty Lab companies have their own fee schedules and may require further out-of-pocket costs.  Whenever possible, such pricing will be transparent.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

You may cancel your Heightened Health membership at any time with written notice (portal communication is preferred for documentation purposes). Please note that your initial enrollment fee and final month membership fee are neither prorated nor refundable.


Can I re-enroll after previous membership cancellation?

Dr. Caccopola will consider your re-enrollment request on a case-by-case basis.  If more than 12 months has lapsed from prior cancellation, then a re-enrollment fee will be applied.


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